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November 27 - 29, 2018
Walter E. Washington Convention Center


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“PBS NewsHour” Anchor Judy Woodruff Confronts the Challenge of Today’s Media Climate

The broadcast journalist will headline Government Video Expo on Nov. 28

The media has come under fire from politicians, analysts and, sometimes, the American public in recent years for bias, fake news and sensationalism. So how are broadcast journalists overcoming some of these perceptions in today’s media climate?... Continue Reading

By Terry Scutt - Aug 13, 2018

CNN's Tom Foreman Goes 'Beyond Video' at Government Video Expo

Foreman has established much of CNN's work "beyond video" by playing a key role in the development of an immersive, 3D virtual studio

Most recently recognized for his innovative coverage of the Thailand Cave Rescue on CNN, Tom Foreman is a distinguished, Emmy award-winning journalist and a pioneer in new media... Continue Reading

By GV Staff - Aug 3, 2018

Low-Cost VR/360 Headsets Are a Game-Changer, Director Says

Director/VFX supervisor Mark Lambert will be featured at Government Video Expo

That’s according to director and VFX supervisor Mark Lambert of VArtisans, who cites the launch of Oculus Go as an important development. “It becomes much easier for traditional consumers or companies to buy a bunch of these,” he said. “You’re not setting up complicated pieces of hardware — $800 headsets and $2,000 computers — to watch 360 video. You can buy an all-in-one $200 headset and watch Discovery VR or 360 training content easily.”... Continue Reading

By Paul McLane - Jul 3, 2018