“Visual First” – Smart Use of Video in Social Media and Beyond

Thursday, Nov. 30, 12–1 p.m.

GV Theater


Col. Martin Downie, the commandant of the Defense Information School at Fort Meade in Maryland, will lead the “Visual First: Smart Use of Video in Social Media and Beyond” session, first with a keynote and then as moderator of a panel.


Col. Downie’s keynote will focus on the need in government and military for new-generation multi-platform communicators with an emphasis on “visual first.” The panel will feature government and military professionals on how to engage viewers and communicate with them effectively through visual approaches to social media.



Col. Martin Downie, Commandant, Defense Information School (DINFOS)



Brad Kimberly, Digital Engagement Chief, DoD Production Defense Media Activity


MSgt. Nicholas C. Kurtz, Video Skills Instructor, Defense Information School (DINFOS)


Ray Flores, Director of Creative Services, U.S. Department of Labor


Jini Ryan, Associate Director of the Office of Multimedia, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Michael Wilker, Director of Broadcast Communications, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services