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Robert G. Kennedy
President and Co-CEO, C-SPAN

Rob Kennedy was named C-SPAN’s President and co-CEO in April 2012, a position he shares with his colleague Susan Swain. Together, they are responsible for strategy and operations at the nation’s only public affairs cable television network. Prior to that, he served as C-SPAN’s President and co-COO, and has been C-SPAN’s top financial officer since 1987.


Rob has worked in the cable television industry his entire career. He brought to C-SPAN experience at both the corporate and system levels of cable television operations. In Rochester, NY, which was a Time, Inc. company, Rob was Vice President of Marketing and Programming. Earlier, he worked at the corporate offices of the Chicago-based Centel Cable Television Company.


Rob had an important role to play in C-SPAN’s earliest days, when Jack Frazee, the CEO of Centel Cable tasked Rob with writing the first business plan for the start-up cable network. At the time, Mr. Frazee was serving as board chairman for C-SPAN, which is a public service created by the nation’s cable television operating companies.


Rob is a native of Springfield, IL, Abraham Lincoln’s hometown and the state capital, which gave Rob a lifelong interest in politics and history. He earned a B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has served on several university advisory boards and is currently a director of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.


Rob is active in the cable industry. He’s a board member and Finance Committee Chair for the Emma Bowen Foundation, which creates mentoring opportunities for minority college students in cable, broadcast, and technology companies. He also serves on the board of the CTAM Education Foundation, sponsor of the highly-regarded Cable Executive Management Program at Harvard University.

In 2004, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) selected Rob and Susan Swain as winners of the Vanguard Award for Programmers, the industry’s highest honor.


Rob and Cynthia Kennedy are Virginia residents and the parents of three children. On weekend mornings Rob can often be found running or cycling on favorite trails in the Washington DC suburbs.