Navigating the Skies: Legal and Logistical Issues for Quadcopters & Drones DETAILS

We have long been fascinated with the ability to take images from the sky.  Since the development of powered flight, we have made use of balloons, kites, planes, and helicopters to get ourselves, and payloads like cameras, into the sky and get a new perspective on the world.  Today, we are interested in a safer, easier, less expensive, way to get this perspective: drones. Today, drones are being used for many creative uses; for example by winemakers to monitor their vineyards; by civil engineers to inspect structures such as bridges for abnormalities and cracks; by humanitarian relief workers to survey the damage after natural disasters, and by photojournalists to safely deliver timely coverage of a scene.


However, operating drones pose legal and logistical issues that must be addressed, such as: upcoming FAA regulations related to commercial use of drones; how to get an exemption to commercially operate drones; special considerations when traveling with drone equipment within the U.S. and abroad; and safety considerations and operational best practices.