Long-Term Retention of Video Data: Big Data at a Low Cost



Shawn Brume Sc.D., Business Line Manager, Data Protection and Retention, IBM, The LTO Program


Video retention policies are getting longer each year, in some cases like legal and government retention is decades. Video quality and the requirement to retain data in a unaltered format ,including the frame rate, means video retention has the potential to be one of the biggest strains on IT budgets. Estimates are that in 2016 27 million days of video data will be generated everyday, that amounts to up to 800PB of data, even if only 1% is kept for decades that is 8PB generated daily!


Learn how LTO Technology with Linear Tape File System has made retention of data as cost effective as possible with an ease of use that is similar to other removable medias that use file based storage. LTO Technology is bringing tape back to video surveillance.


Shawn Brume Sc.D. is a Business Line Manager for the Data Protection and Retention portfolio at IBM Storage Development Labs in Tucson, USA. Shawn is a Computer Science graduate from Southern California University, and holds a Doctorate of Science in Engineering and Technology. Shawn joined IBM in 2000 and has worked in Tape technology Development, starting in test and in recently moved to the Business Line Management team with responsibility for the Data Protection and Retention portfolio. Shawn is a member of the marketing team for the LTO Program.