How to Get the Best Shot from a Quadcopter or Drone DETAILS

Remote controlled, camera mounted quad-copters and drones are one of the fastest growing image capturing tools in the video and photographic industry today. Even though these flying machines have only been available at the consumer level for the past few years, quad-copters and drones have made a huge impact on how we see and capture the world for our films, news stories, documentaries, etc. In this seminar, you will learn how to use a quad-copter or drone to it’s full potential. Safety is the number one focus when a drone is in the air. Learn how to safely operate a quad-copter or drone for video and photography. Like every camera on the market, all quad-copters and drone are not created equal. Find out which is right for your workflow. There are many details involved in planning your aerial shots. Discover new techniques to prepare you for capturing aerial photos and video. Framing, camera movement, and aesthetics are important when it comes to getting a great shot. Expose yourself to tips and tricks about image composition for aerial cinematography and photography. Learn some basic aerial maneuvers and positioning to help you get the best shot. No product is finished without editing and enhancements. By the end of this presentation, you should have a better understanding of quad-copters and drones, how to use them to help add production value to your future projects, and push your creativity to the next level.