Digital Signage for Public and Corporate Affairs

Wednesday, Nov. 29

4:00–4:45 p.m.

Government Video Theater


Digital Signage for Public and Corporate Affairs

Christopher Deschenes, General Manager and Vice President Business Development, Aerva Inc.


Public affairs and corporate communications offices are turning to digital signage systems to more effectively reach employees.  We’ll talk about some of the benefits of a digital signage network, and present a case study from the U.S. Navy. We’ll also show how someone without a lot of design tool experience can create some really compelling dynamic content.


Christopher Deschenes is GM and VP Business Development at Aerva, Inc. Mr. Deschenes has over 25 years of experience developing software and systems, conducting research (NASA, Army, Navy) and building businesses. He has acted in various roles from developer to CTO to VP Sales Marketing for start-ups in the aerospace, mechanical design, software tools and imagery/video analysis industries. Mr. Deschenes holds an MSEE from Tufts University and a BS in Math/Physics from Keene State.